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We are La Claqueta. We create content.

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La Claqueta was founded in 2002 as a content production company. Since then we’ve participated in more than a hundred productions that have been honored with many national and international awards, included 4 Goya’s nominations, the Spanish Academy of Cinema Science and Arts.

But above all the numbers, awards and other recognitions, the most valuable thing we’ve learned during all these years is: to listen. We are artisans of listening and we’ve been learning to create content since the day we started in this business.

Because listening is undoubtly the best way to learn how to tell relevant stories that move people and reach their hearts.

We are content creators.
We are storytellers.


Just a sample of what we do.

Reel 2014

Spot Comunidad de Madrid

Video Museo Real Betis Balompié

“La vida en llamas" Documentary

"Nacido en Gaza" Documentary

Artpoética educational series.

Videoclip “Respirar” by Bebe

Trailer Herencia

Clive Arrindell Interview

Some of the clients that have trusted us